In this document we describe how to administer the DIENST-ETRDL with the
  1. Administrator User Interface
  2. Command Line

Administrator User Interface

You can access the DIENST-ETRDL Administrator User Interface via web at the location
        "http://‹your path›/AUIscripts/admin/admin_page.pl".
We recommend that you bookmark this site for easy access in the future.

The administrator user interface has an English version only.

When you access the administrator user interface you must fill in a form that allows you to browse an incoming document directory and choose which action to perform.

  1. insert a document in a collection or
    remove a document from a collection (withdraw or delete)
  2. select the collection to browse
  3. insert your String of Identification (SID)

Insert a document

In order to insert a document in the collection you have to:
  1. choose it from the list of documents that have been submitted
  2. click on View BIB record button.
The system shows you the bibliographic record for the document you have selected.
You have now three choices of action:
  1. insert the document into a collection (first assign it a document identifier - DocId)
  2. view the document
  3. reject the document.
When you click the Insert into Collection button the insert procedure starts. If the file associated with the bibliographic record is a postscript file the system generates the inline gif images of each page of the document and the thumbnails.
When this procedure terminates, a link permitting return to the administration page appears.

Attention: if the db_build procedure fails you must complete the insert procedure following the Command Line instructions (point 3 of point 6).

When you click the View the document button the system shows a HTML page which contains two hyperlinks to the bibliographic record (in text and html format) and one or more hyperlinks to the body of the document depending on the its type.

When you click the Reject the document button the system shows a form that you must fill in with the reason of the document reject. Two alternative actions can be performed:

  1. Send & Keep (to send an e-mail to the author)
  2. Send & Delete (to send an e-mail to the author and to delete the bibliographic record and the document from the incoming directory)

Remove a document

In order to withdraw a document:
  1. specify the docid of the document, and

  2. if you want only withdraw it, i.e. make unavailable the document file, you have to specify the withdrawal reason and click on WithDraw Document button.
    Attention, you can also specify the new document location

  3. instead, if you want delete the document from the database you have to only click on Delete Document button.
    Attention, delete means destroy the document; this is an unrecoverable procedure.

Command Line

If you do not intend to use the user interface contained in the DIENST-ETRDL package, you can: In order to insert a new document in your digital library you must perform the following step:
  1. Edit the file ‹your path›/library/incoming/bib/‹IncomingDocumentName›.bib
    where ‹IncomingDocumentName› is the name that the submit procedure assigns to the bibliographic record of a new submitted document.

  2. Delete the file ‹your path›/library/incoming/bib/‹IncomingDocumentName›.html; this is used by the automated administration procedure.

  3. Run the command
    ‹your path›/dienst/LibMgt/install_tr parameter1 parameter2
    where parameter1=‹CollectionName›:‹DocId› and

    e.g. /local1/NewProjDienst/dienst/LibMgt/install_tr ercim.cnr.demo:1999-b4-100 ercim.cnr.demo:Feb1-2

    The command install_tr produces under the directory
    ‹your path›/DataBases/‹CollectionName› a new directory called ‹DocId›.
    This command moves the bibliographic record into the directory it has just created.

  4. Run the command
    ‹your path›/dienst/Indexer/build-inverted-indexes.pl -b -n -s

  5. Run the command
    ‹your path›/dienst/Utilities/bin/reload-data

  6. Move and Rename the document as follows:

You can read the following documents from the original DIENST documentation:

Comments and errata corrige are welcome! Please email them to etrdl@iei.pi.cnr.it