DIENST-ETRDL How to submit a new document

This document describes the steps that authors in the ERCIM community should follow to submit a document to the DL administrator.

Completion of these steps will result in the presentation of the document to the system administrator for submission in the ETRDL database.

Submit Procedure

From the main page the user must select the Submit a Document option and start the submission procedure as follows:

  1. Compile a bibligraphic record for the new document by filling in the fields on the form presented by the system.
    The system will perform an automatic check on the formal correctness of the contents of the obligatory fields.
    Instructions to guide the user in the correct compilation of a field can be obtained by clicking on the name of that field.
  2. If a document consists of just the Abstract, click on the checkbox to move on to point No. 5.
  3. Select the file containing the document to be transferred to the server, using the Browse option.
  4. Indicate the format of the file by using the pulldown menu.
    The permitted formats are:
  5. When the form has been filled in, click on one of the following buttons:
  6. If the user has chosen Submit the form, the data submitted will be displayed. In this way, the user can check that the the values are correct. One of the following options must then be chosen:
  7. If the file type selected at point No. 3 is either HTML or TIFF, the system allows the user to submit a new file as follows: i) select the file using the Browse option and ii) confirm the selection with Submit new file.

    The procedure described above at point 7. is recursive and is terminated using the Confirm option, described in point 6.

Comments and errata corrige are welcome! Please email them to etrdl@iei.pi.cnr.it